Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations (...beyond screening)

Likely you have seen ads for “free hearing tests.”  What does that involve?  Who is performing it? One possible reason the test is “free” is that Medicare may not recognize them as competent to perform and interpret audiology exams, and will not reimburse them.  It is important to Medicare to make sure that the hearing testing they pay for is administered by individuals who are properly trained to interpret the results.  This should be no less important to anyone seeking help with their hearing situation, regardless if you are insured by Medicare or another party.
A comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation involves considerably more than these “free hearing screenings.” A variety of assessments are performed to evaluate the function of various parts of the auditory system, not just to determine if amplification is required, but to determine if there are any “red flags” that arise that may indicate other underlying health conditions that need to be addressed.  MaryLee Ruth, Au.D. at Alapa‘i Audiology has many years of experience in assessing hearing function and communicating with you and your physician.  She will discuss your results with you so that you, too understand how your auditory system is functioning.
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